• Wilton People:

    Wilton has a seasoned Management team with proven international success, and whose growth is supported by a renowned advisory board including two former Presidents of OPEC.

  • Wilton History:

    Wilton is founded by the former Senior Executives and Financial Bankers of First Calgary Petroleum, an international oil and gas company that achieved notable success.

  • Wilton Approach:

    Wilton is leveraging proven Canadian technologies to maximize underdeveloped conventional and unconventional reserves, and utilizing a ‘one team’ approach to leverage collective expertise.

Wilton is an oil and gas company with a global opportunity view of unlocking underdeveloped resources.

With a focus on global opportunities, Wilton will unlock under-developed hydrocarbon rich reservoirs through exploration and development activities. This will be accomplished by leveraging proven Canadian technologies into conventional and unconventional reserves. The company is led by a proven and experienced management team with past international operating success and is supported by a renowned advisory board.